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Blogging and Jekyll

A few days ago I was wondering why I don’t document my projects better. For a few major ones I have pictures and write-ups and all that good stuff, but there are a million small projects that never make it to that point. It seems to be a combination of unfinished projects and associated anxiety of showing them, and lack of a documentation system I like to use.

Github Pages and Jekyll

I use git through github quite frequently to keep track of the code for my projects. In addition to what is available publicly, I have a series of private repositories for reports, assignments, and associated school things. All in all, I’m relatively familiar with git. Then, along came github pages. Perusing the documentation, creating a blog using Jekyll for posts and processing write-ups for projects seemed the way to go. This way, I create a simple layout using HTML/CSS, then write in Markdown. With Jekyll, I can have a static site that is easy to migrate between hosts if needed, but I still have an easy way to write without dealing with the messy syntax of HTML.


Hopefully the new system will encourage me to document my work, and at the same time improve my writing skills.